Month: October 2020

How to make sure your child adjusts well at kindergarten

How to make sure your child adjusts well at kindergarten

If you have homeschooled your child all this while transitioning to a kindergarten might seem like a tough job. It is important that you pay extra attention to children who are heading towards kindergarten. Even if a child is already attending a preschool, they still need a little push in the right direction.

There are many children who are quite vocal about their fears. However some children might not be so direct with expressing their worries. Sometimes children act out in certain ways which is not in keeping with the usual behavior. This can be attributed to the fact that they are feeling stressed about the change which is to come in their life.

There are certain ways through which you can help your child make the transition easily from a preschool or being homeschooled to kindergarten.

  • You can start with play therapy at home only. You can make use of small stuffed animals or even make your own finger puppets. Carry out role play in which the actors experience the transition to a new area or a place. Also present coping strategies for children for example how Mr. elephant overcame his fear of a new place.
  • Always make sure that you are talking about the transition to kindergarten in a positive manner. Your anxiety shouldn’t show through otherwise it is going to reflect on your child as well.
  • It is also important for you to visit this school during the summer. You need to take along the child with you. Schools which provide daily schedules for having children over for a little while. Familiarizing your child with the kindergarten class would help them understand about their surroundings and their for lower the fear in them.
  • If you know some of the classmates of your children you can set up play dates.
  • It is also important to carry out to role-play on a daily basis. This would help your preschooler learn that change is inevitable and that they have to accept it in order to be happy.
  • You can even talk about your own personal experience. Tell your child about how you felt when you had to attend kindergarten for the first time.
  • You can even ask the elder children to join in and let the brothers and sisters know about their experiences at school. They can talk about all the fun things they used to do and the playground activities which keep them busy throughout the day. Hearing other people talk about their experiences can help is all the problems which the child is facing during the transition.
  • On the other hand also allow your child to experience the fear. Tell them that it is completely normal to be afraid. Other children in the position might be feeling just the same. Instead of brushing their fear aside let them know that things like this happen all the time and that they should be brave enough to face this and accept it as a challenge.

As a parent it is important for you to motivate your child in attending day care in Sippy Downs.