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Importance of Afterschool Care Nerang for Teens and Kids

Importance of Afterschool Care Nerang for Teens and Kids

There are a thousand and more ways to describe the various schools in Nerang. However, the importance of after school care, Nerang for teens and kids still needs to be understood by parents.

Afterschool care programs, Nerang offer unique benefits both to parents and their children. Here are the reasons how and why afterschool care needs to become part of the education equation for kids and teens:

Encourage mental stimulation

Summer vacations often produce mental apathy in kids. A marked dip in learning skills and proficiency happens in teens and kids when away from associated learning and the classroom.

Letting the learning slide during the summer season often brings on learning inconsistency and uncertainty in kids by the time they go back to school. Keeping the learning stimulation active and creative in kids during the summer is by letting them attend afterschool care. The introduction of new learning opportunities and ideas by the afterschool programs helps to stimulate the active minds of teens and children.

Allow a different type of skill-building and learning opportunity

Enrichment activities provided by afterschool programs provide rich learning opportunities for children. There’s always room for learning improvement for children no matter the excellent programs provided by their schools.

For instance, skills such as entrepreneurship, coding classes, and more are some of the learning opportunities that are not offered by many schools. The learning void is filled when kids are exposed to afterschool programs during vacations or regular school times.

Creativity boost

Creativity in young children can be quickly stifled when it is not encouraged and learned. The creative minds of kids and teens need a good outlet for them to come up with great ideas.

Schoolwork could often be a must-do activity for many children and teens. After school care programs, on the other hand, are focused on nice-to-do learning activities.

The best way to boost the creativity levels of children is to let them attend afterschool care programs. The various learning activities offered by the program allow children to have fun while they explore and discover new skills and ideas.

Provide social learning

Relationship building and social time for children is one of the big benefits provided by afterschool care programs. The pandemic has affected many teens and children physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Being made to endure staying at home for a year is hard for young active minds and bodies. Going back to school is seen as an exciting event for many kids and teens. Online classes have made the children miss out on social interaction with peers and teachers.

While physical distancing is encouraged at all times in afterschool care programs, they offer more flexibility in terms of socialization. Being able to work with their peers on various projects introduced by the program allows children to satisfy their craving for social interaction.

Provide children opportunities to make important discoveries

The structured setting of a school has its good and bad sides. While meaningful and deeper relationships are formed among the students, their social bubbles are limited.

Being able to connect with other age groups and other students from different schools is the environment offered by afterschool care programs. It allows teens and children to discover new things, skills, and friends.

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How your Child benefits from Good Childcare Morayfield

How your Child benefits from Good Childcare Morayfield

Parents in Morayfield opting to send their children to good childcare, Morayfield is giving them a good head start. Early childhood education and child development focus on good childcare, Morayfield provides countless benefits to young children.

It has been seen by numerous studies and research that one of the best ways to develop cognitive, social, and emotional skills in children is early childhood education. The early education exposure also helps prepare children for formal schooling and beyond.

Benefits of Good Childcare Centres

The future looks bright for children that are made to attend a good childcare centre. Here’s why:

Emotional resilience

Social skills development in children is one of the top goals of reputable childcare facilities. Sharing, getting along with others, becoming independent, communicates their ideas, and taking turns are things learned by children while attending a childcare centre. Healthy relationships are formed by a child with others with the early development of social and emotional resilience.

Various research studies have found that children attending childcare when they are between the ages of 2 and 3 are likely to cope better with their emotions and have a better attention span. Learning this skill not only benefits the child but the parents as well.

Form good habits

Children thrive when they have the same routine every day. The sameness of the routine makes them feel secure and safe. Expecting to do things such as going to the childcare every day helps to keep them settled and calm. Learning healthy habits at the childcare such as washing their hands or brushing their teeth contributes to making children feel secure.

Learning the skills of a good routine helps children to become independent. Packing their bag or getting dressed without assistance is a child’s way of starting to take charge of his/her daily activities.

The structured and safe environment of good childcare helps children to develop and use different techniques in dealing with daily activities. Parents are rewarded with cooperative children when they are exposed to an early education program.

Instil a lifetime love of learning

Instilling a lifetime love of learning in children is one of the outstanding benefits provided by childcare Morayfield. The cognitive and social experiences children learn from childcare helps develop a positive outlook on learning. Formal schooling in later years usually becomes academically and emotionally successful for children when made to attend childcare in their early years.

Develop numeracy and literacy skills

One of the firm foundations of early childhood education is forming numeracy and literacy skills in children. Drawing shapes, listening to stories, and telling something about pictures are seen as some of the best ways for children to learn literacy skills.

Pouring water into different container sizes, playing music, and singing enables children to acquire numeracy skills. An early start in learning numeracy and literacy skills creates a significant impact on academic success in the later life of the children.

Countless studies have proved that children perform much better academically, socially, and emotionally when they were made to attend childcare at a young age.

An early start for children is provided when they are sent to childcare before starting formal schooling. The supportive and secure environment of high-quality childcare enables children to learn in a fun and exciting way.


Benefits Of Daycare For A Child’s Growth And Development

Benefits Of Daycare For A Child’s Growth And Development

When it comes to the idea of taking a child to a daycare, some will argue that it is a reasonable idea, while others will say that it is not alright for a child to be separated from their parents at a young age. Both of these statements can be true depending on the parent’s level of understanding and perception of their child’s needs. Both of these things might be right, depending on their level of experience and perception. This article will outline some of the significant advantages of enrolling a kid in a daycare centre.

Advantages of a daycare centre to a kid

The following are some of the benefits to a child by enrolling them in a daycare centre.

  • The child develops emotional resilience

If the parents allow their child to misbehave, they are more likely to do so in the parents’ presence. However, by taking a child to a daycare, the child learns to handle themselves in a respectful way both to themselves and those watching them.

  • The child learns to respect people and their values

Taking a youngster to a daycare exposes them to different views and ways of life to make them more aware. The care provider will teach them essential lessons on respecting one another and valuing each other’s opinions. A child will then develop respect for both the elder ones as well as their age mates.

  • A child learns how to make friends

One of the important reasons for taking your child to a daycare is because they will meet and make new friends away from their family hierarchy. It is a vital attribute because nowadays, people need one another to accomplish different goals.

  • A child develops self-esteem

When a child sits with their age mate, they become more confident in themselves, and they develop the confidence of interacting with fellow kids. Self-esteem is an important virtue that needs to be nurtured as early as possible to enable the child to believe that they can accomplish great things.

  • A child becomes accustomed to school life

The daycare environment closely resembles the preschool environment. As a child attends daycare, they become used to the school environment and will have no problems when they start preschooling.

  • A child excels in Academics

When a child gets used to the school environment in a daycare setting, they have an easy time adapting to formal education, and they end up performing better than those who skipped daycare education.

Having looked at the above benefits of daycare to a child, it is evident that taking a child to a daycare is more advantageous than if they are left to stay with their parents until they start preschooling.

Is it advisable for a child to attend a nearby daycare?

Most parents find themselves in a dilemma about taking their child to a nearby daycare or a far daycare. Either of the choices is ok depending on the parent’s source of income and if they can meet the involved costs. The advantage of a nearby daycare is that it reduces transport costs and is also a safe practice. On the other hand, taking a child to a far daycare can expose them to a new environment where they can learn many things they were unaware of before.

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Signs of a Quality Daycare Center

Signs of a Quality Daycare Center

Parents want the most affordable daycare for their kids but quality services close to what they get at home. The options can be overwhelming, but until you do research, you will find that some facilities are severely lacking than you thought while others have what it takes. The search for the right daycare centre is not a walk in the park. And it is crucial to get every point right lest you learn to leave with the stress of the unknown, what if my child mistreated? What if my child does not get the right nutrition? And so on. Parents need to plan for the child’s daycare way before they are born. As a general rule of thumb, if you are a working mother, look for a daycare facility as early as the second trimester. Having enough time on your side is beneficial because you will have the opportunity to interrogate prospective daycare centres to settle on what’s best for your child.

Here are some of the qualities fantastic daycares must have:

Stellar reviews

A fantastic daycare will have great reviews and a good reputation. It must have great feedback from current parents. It includes reviews you read about a daycare online as well as what you hear from references you requested from a facility, friends, and colleagues. As you carve through a list of daycare facilities, note down patterns of good and bad traits. No one is perfect, but at least you want more than average for your child. If you find a daycare with a streak of complaints, there is a question mark about the facility, avoid those! When you are researching a daycare online, don’t underestimate what people say about the facility on social platforms and, of course, reviews, and customer feedback.

Caring and stimulating environment

You will feel this the first time you enter the gate, the first impression is the last, at first sight, you will have the feeling about the facility, does it have enough space for play, is the environment vibrant, clean and fun for your child? Take a look at the entire environment, and determine if it is welcoming and home-like; look at the diversity of the children in the classroom. Observe the children, the way they engage in class, and the playground. Do they have diverse activities to keep them busy throughout the day? Do they have to scramble for playground resources? If you are quite observant, you will note down all these the first time you enter the facility.

Interesting curriculum schedule

What your child will engage with throughout the day matters a lot. Do you want your child to have a fluid schedule that’s child-led or a school environment with a strict schedule to follow throughout the day? It’s up to you to decide what you want for your child. Either way, the best daycare facilities will meet all your needs for your child.

Qualified caregivers

Make sure all the caregivers in a facility are certified and trained. Most caregivers have achieved degrees in early childhood development or in the process of obtaining one. With such qualifications from caregivers, you are confident as a parent that your child gets the right treatment.


Great daycare centre goes beyond the brinks to ensure the safety of the kids. It includes childproofing, food safety, quality play equipment and toys, and constant supervision of toddlers as they play.

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Artist Supplies to Purchase for Beginners

Artist Supplies to Purchase for Beginners

Artist supplies are not challenging to find or to purchase. If you are an artist, you pretty much know what you need and what to look for in a real store or an online store. It can get confusing for those who are just starting for their pleasure to either draw or to paint. In this case, when looking for art supplies, it is an excellent idea to know just what kind of supplies you need at the beginning. Many online Australian sites sell a wide variety of art supplies. So let’s take a look at what you should have when starting.

1. Sketchpad

First of all, you need something to draw on, like a sketchpad or drawing paper. You don’t need a very thick pad just enough to start you off. Also, if you are considering painting or using watercolours, you’ll need to sketch what you are going to paint before actually adding colour to the subject.

2. Pencils

Next, not just any pencil will do, but a set of reliable drawing pencils is needed. In this case, you should choose graphic pencils, and 3 or 4 should start you off nicely. You’ll need a 2B graphic pencil for basic sketching and shading, a 6B for creating dark shadows, and a 4B for working in light areas.

3. Eraser

Even a professional artist can make mistakes. So you need to purchase kneaded erasers, which are simple to use and won’t leave residue behind.  With these kinds of erasers, you can give them different shapes so you can erase smaller areas of shading to provide a light effect to your drawings.

4. Surface to paint on

Once you have completed a drawing, you’ll want to draw the finished picture onto a surface for painting. If you are going to use watercolours, you’ll need watercolour paper, which is paper that has been stretched and is ready for you to paint on. If you choose acrylic paints, then you need acrylic paper pads since these take up less space than a canvas.

5. Palette

From the beginning, you can purchase and use any palette, and a plastic one works well with both watercolours and acrylic paint. They can be purchased at any art supply place and are washable and straightforward.

6. Brushes

For your basic needs, you should have three paint brushes when beginning to work with acrylics. The most common is a filbert for basic painting with which you can smooth out the details, and a flat wash brush which is used for painting backgrounds—finally, a small liner for the finer details.

If you’re going to paint with watercolours, you’ll require a medium or large-sized flat brush used for washes. You will also need a round brush for overall painting and a liner brush for the smaller details.

7. Paint

No matter if you choose watercolours, acrylic, or even oils, you have to have paint. Paint in several lovely and brilliant colours. Even paint can be at first just the basics to be expanded later. So in the very beginning, you’ll want to choose at least one of each – blue, red, brown, and yellow. Your palette should consist of various shades of these colours. So if you are not sure, you can find a professional art supply dealer even online and make inquiries before you make your purchase.

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How to make sure your child adjusts well at kindergarten

How to make sure your child adjusts well at kindergarten

If you have homeschooled your child all this while transitioning to a kindergarten might seem like a tough job. It is important that you pay extra attention to children who are heading towards kindergarten. Even if a child is already attending a preschool, they still need a little push in the right direction.

There are many children who are quite vocal about their fears. However some children might not be so direct with expressing their worries. Sometimes children act out in certain ways which is not in keeping with the usual behavior. This can be attributed to the fact that they are feeling stressed about the change which is to come in their life.

There are certain ways through which you can help your child make the transition easily from a preschool or being homeschooled to kindergarten.

  • You can start with play therapy at home only. You can make use of small stuffed animals or even make your own finger puppets. Carry out role play in which the actors experience the transition to a new area or a place. Also present coping strategies for children for example how Mr. elephant overcame his fear of a new place.
  • Always make sure that you are talking about the transition to kindergarten in a positive manner. Your anxiety shouldn’t show through otherwise it is going to reflect on your child as well.
  • It is also important for you to visit this school during the summer. You need to take along the child with you. Schools which provide daily schedules for having children over for a little while. Familiarizing your child with the kindergarten class would help them understand about their surroundings and their for lower the fear in them.
  • If you know some of the classmates of your children you can set up play dates.
  • It is also important to carry out to role-play on a daily basis. This would help your preschooler learn that change is inevitable and that they have to accept it in order to be happy.
  • You can even talk about your own personal experience. Tell your child about how you felt when you had to attend kindergarten for the first time.
  • You can even ask the elder children to join in and let the brothers and sisters know about their experiences at school. They can talk about all the fun things they used to do and the playground activities which keep them busy throughout the day. Hearing other people talk about their experiences can help is all the problems which the child is facing during the transition.
  • On the other hand also allow your child to experience the fear. Tell them that it is completely normal to be afraid. Other children in the position might be feeling just the same. Instead of brushing their fear aside let them know that things like this happen all the time and that they should be brave enough to face this and accept it as a challenge.

As a parent it is important for you to motivate your child in attending day care in Sippy Downs.

5 Tips from Preschool Teachers to Parents

5 Tips from Preschool Teachers to Parents

It is observed in around 90% of the kids between 2 to 5 years that they act quite sufficient at their schools but tests the limits and patience of their parents at home. Parents whine about their attitudes in parent-teachers meetings while teachers admire their self-reliance and healthy habits. While conversing with some experienced preschool melbourne teachers, it is assumed that the lack of discipline urges children to act recklessly at home while the disciplined environment of the school, the constructive criticism reproval of teachers pushes a child to act reasonably at school. So if you want your child to behave at home, go through these 5 effective tips from preschools teachers to parents for better child management at home.

Raise the Bar

Expect more from your kids. At preschools, teachers expect students to eat their meals, go to the washroom by themselves, wash their hands afterward, pack their bags and seek permissions for their activities when you expect more from your kids they align themselves to meet your expectations. At home, when you spoon-feed them everything they get uneager to use their energy. Trusting them is very important in creating and shaping a child’s personality and attitude. That’s what teachers do at schools and parents avoid it out of love and care.

Teach them Independence

If you see your kid getting on a step stool to get his favorite toy or see her assembling a toy or when she is tangling her hair in the hairbrush, don’t just rush to help them. Give them a chance to solve their problems without your help. If they succeed, that will boost their confidence in themselves and raise their chance of taking more initiatives. If you will be there at each step, you are losing their chance of growth and independence.

Enjoy their Character Building Moments

To encourage their sense of worth and competency, assign them some easy but productive tasks as watering the plants or clean their study table. While trusting their aptitude for the job, kids welcome their abilities to hang their uniforms by themselves or polish their shoes. It means when you trust them with something and appreciate them when the assignment is completed, they involve themselves more in daily chores thus building their charterer moments for you to rejoice.

Assign Rewards for boring chores

Nobody likes to do boring stuff, a preschooler is no exception. If you like your kid to take interest in his daily rituals as brushing the teeth or putting plates in the sink after a meal, try something enjoyable to get it done. Maybe you will read him his favorite book story before sleep or have him his favorite breakfast in the morning. Rewards and appreciation build up their self-confidence and sense of competency.

Discipline is Mandatory

A misbehaved child is the one whose parent is unforgiving about the discipline. Even acting late on disciplining a child about his misconduct is damaging for a child’s attitude. When a misdemeanor is seen on a child’s part, a quick reprimand becomes necessary. It must be made clear to them that their misconduct has repercussions and specify some light punishments with it as no dessert at night or postponing weekend trips etc. this will encourage the child to adjust his behavior accordingly.



Conceived by the association Co-cò Spazio Co-Stanza which recently inaugurated its new headquarters in via Ponte alle Mosse 32-38 red (make a jump, it’s a beautiful place) and physically set up in the cinema room of the Stensen Foundation, Cinema in the family it is an appointment consisting of 8 meetings during which, each time, a theme on parenting will be addressed through important issues that affect the private, social and civil sphere.

The opportunity for parents thanks to this initiative is extraordinary, and not because in the city there are no opportunities for reflection and meeting dedicated to parents, but because the problem of these meetings always remains that of how to organize to leave the children and create the paradox that to participate in a meeting to improve as a person and as a parent, it is necessary to release the child somewhere.

The staff of Co-cò Spazio Co-Stanza has instead chosen to organize the meetings in harmony with family needs allowing parents who wish to participate not to have to ask for favors and indeed, just as they are dedicated to watching the film and then at the moment for discussion and reflection, their children will be engaged in a playful activity in the same place but in another space, and they too will see a film suitable for their age and then dedicating themselves to a themed workshop. The chosen theme will be the same for both parents and their children, but dealt with with different tools and supports.

As parents I imagine you realize the incredible opportunity, because it is not always easy to leave children even when you have extremely available grandparents: in fact, it is an account to ask for help because you have to go to work, have a medical examination or a commitment bureaucratic, another is to ask for a hand because you want to do something for yourself; not all grandparents are available to understand this need, perhaps not out of malice, but only because we already ask them a lot during the week.



For our family the Unicorn party that takes place in Vinci is a consolidated appointment (for the 2019 edition the days are those of the 26th, 27th and 28th of July) . We have already written a lot in the past years and if you don’t know exactly what it is, I refer you to our post that tells you about the festival: what is the Unicorn Festival .

Year after year, given that it is a great event, it tends to be bigger and better and, welcoming many families, the trend is to prepare more and more areas suitable for children.

Also for the 2019 edition, an area called “The village of the gnomes” has been set up where children can find a chivalrous environment with old-time challenges, space for tales and storytellers, night shows, Elven parade . And then again animation with Giocamuseo, Lego area, carousel courtyard, dinosaurs, soap bubbles. The program of the gnome area for 2019 is here:

The pirate bay with themed animation and games, a parade of fantastic creatures and the mermaids ‘ bay are also very suitable for children :

The court of dreams is another inevitable place, among other things, there is the possibility of letting the boys try archery, lord of the rings themed outfits, juggling and street arts.

There are also fierce criticisms from families who have been there, many focused on the fact that participating in the family and spending a day there putting: lunch, snack, dinner, entrance ticket and the inevitable gadgets for children, is an economic drain . It’s true. We who are a large family among food, gift for children, the alley of fear (for a fee), a gift for each person before leaving, and the movements from Florence have abundantly exceeded the figure of 100 Euros. A few tips, and a lot of money is saved.