Month: January 2021

Different Types of Art Prints

Different Types of Art Prints

You can find online art galleries that buy original artwork from emerging artists. The art prints are always of high quality and come in many different sizes and mediums. When looking for art reproductions to decorate your wall, it is good to have some information beforehand about art prints.

1. Difference between art print and original

One of the main differences is that an artist created the original artwork by hand and, therefore, would cost a lot of money. The art print is a copy of this original work that can be purchased for a lot less. Art prints do not have the textured strokes of an artist’s brush and are very flat. If you looked very closely at an art print, you would see a dot matrix pattern on the image. It will also have sharp and clean edges and have no irregularities, which an original artwork created by hand would have upon the canvas. However, if reproduced with high quality, an art print can look just as good as an original work of art.

2. Open or Limited

When an artist chooses to sell open edition prints, there is never any limit to how many art prints will be offered. Since this doesn’t mean that the print will always be available if you find one, you love it is a good idea to purchase it right away. After choosing your art print, the gallery will process it with a professional printer and send it directly onto you.

Limited edition prints are those available in only a certain amount. They are created by the artist and sent directly to you. Some are signed and numbered. Since these art prints are exclusive, they are considered to be more valuable and have a higher price.

3. Types of Open Edition Art Prints

You can usually find three types of open edition art prints at galleries:

– Canvas prints usually come as high-quality giclee reproductions. They are created through the use of an advanced ink jet printing process and made to capture the look of painted pigments. These are possible to reproduce with over 36 million colours. The artwork is printed on a quality matte bright white canvas and stretched over wooden stretcher bars. They are sent to you ready to hang on your wall. All of the canvases have a protective layer against UV rays, designed to protect the print from sunlight and scratches so that it always looks its best.

– Fine art paper prints are also qualitative giclee reproductions but printed on natural white high quality, specially made paper. Fine art prints feature soft colour fidelity on a surface that is a bit textured and resembles watercolour paper. Each of these prints includes a paper border so that it is ready for framing.

– Gallery photo paper prints are fine photo reproductions that feature sharp colour fidelity or smooth, bright white paper with a lustrous finish. The paper is specially made for the prints, and all of these kinds of art prints include a white border that makes it ready for framing.

4. Framing

You’ll find that no matter what kind of art print you choose, you can get framing. There are many types of wood frames to choose from, and all of them come with shatterproof plexiglass so that it is delivered to you damage-free.

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