Signs of a Quality Daycare Center

Signs of a Quality Daycare Center

Parents want the most affordable daycare for their kids but quality services close to what they get at home. The options can be overwhelming, but until you do research, you will find that some facilities are severely lacking than you thought while others have what it takes. The search for the right daycare centre is not a walk in the park. And it is crucial to get every point right lest you learn to leave with the stress of the unknown, what if my child mistreated? What if my child does not get the right nutrition? And so on. Parents need to plan for the child’s daycare way before they are born. As a general rule of thumb, if you are a working mother, look for a daycare facility as early as the second trimester. Having enough time on your side is beneficial because you will have the opportunity to interrogate prospective daycare centres to settle on what’s best for your child.

Here are some of the qualities fantastic daycares must have:

Stellar reviews

A fantastic daycare will have great reviews and a good reputation. It must have great feedback from current parents. It includes reviews you read about a daycare online as well as what you hear from references you requested from a facility, friends, and colleagues. As you carve through a list of daycare facilities, note down patterns of good and bad traits. No one is perfect, but at least you want more than average for your child. If you find a daycare with a streak of complaints, there is a question mark about the facility, avoid those! When you are researching a daycare online, don’t underestimate what people say about the facility on social platforms and, of course, reviews, and customer feedback.

Caring and stimulating environment

You will feel this the first time you enter the gate, the first impression is the last, at first sight, you will have the feeling about the facility, does it have enough space for play, is the environment vibrant, clean and fun for your child? Take a look at the entire environment, and determine if it is welcoming and home-like; look at the diversity of the children in the classroom. Observe the children, the way they engage in class, and the playground. Do they have diverse activities to keep them busy throughout the day? Do they have to scramble for playground resources? If you are quite observant, you will note down all these the first time you enter the facility.

Interesting curriculum schedule

What your child will engage with throughout the day matters a lot. Do you want your child to have a fluid schedule that’s child-led or a school environment with a strict schedule to follow throughout the day? It’s up to you to decide what you want for your child. Either way, the best daycare facilities will meet all your needs for your child.

Qualified caregivers

Make sure all the caregivers in a facility are certified and trained. Most caregivers have achieved degrees in early childhood development or in the process of obtaining one. With such qualifications from caregivers, you are confident as a parent that your child gets the right treatment.


Great daycare centre goes beyond the brinks to ensure the safety of the kids. It includes childproofing, food safety, quality play equipment and toys, and constant supervision of toddlers as they play.

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